vSphere 7 – Announcing General Availability of…

vSphere 7 – Announcing General Availability of the New Generation of vSphere vSphere 7 – Announcing General Availability of… vSphere 7 The new generation of vSphere for existing enterprise apps. Available in two editions. VMware vSphere 7, the new generation of vSphere, is now generally available. This major new release brings a massive improvement in … Read more

vSphere 7 – Improved DRS

vSphere 7 – Improved DRS The first release of Distributed Resource Scheduling (DRS) dates back to 2006. Since then, data centers and workloads have changed significantly. The new vSphere 7 release is shipped with DRS enhancements to better support modern workloads by using an improved DRS logic and new accompanying UI …Read More VMware Social … Read more

Configuring Fluentbit on VMware Cloud PKS for…

A great article describing how to send log from Kubernetes Clusters to a centralized system (here Elasticsearch) on AWS. Monitoring is a key part when we are talking K8s for many reasons that are quite obvious but sometimes forgotten. I will never repeat enough this. Monitoring if the key for happy systems, happy administrators and … Read more

vSphere with Kubernetes 101 Whitepaper

vSphere with Kubernetes 101 Whitepaper This article by VMware, is for the vSphere administrators helping them with the important changes around K8s and vSphere7. Very interesting article. vSphere with Kubernetes 101 Whitepaper The excitement and interest around vSphere with Kubernetes, formerly known as Project Pacific, is just incredible! In order to help vSphere Administrators get … Read more

Load Balancer as a Service – Part 1

From GUI to REST API calls In these following parts, we worked in collaboration with my colleague @ekrejci.We want to automate the creation of NSX Load Balancer using the REST API calls of NSX-T via vRealize Automation and vRealize Orchestrator. Note: We did not choose the native Blueprint from vRA because of is limited possibilities, … Read more