vSphere 7 – Improved DRS

vSphere 7 – Improved DRS The first release of Distributed Resource Scheduling (DRS) dates back to 2006. Since then, data centers and workloads have changed significantly. The new vSphere 7 release is shipped with DRS enhancements to better support modern workloads by using an improved DRS logic and new accompanying UI …Read More VMware Social … Read more

Configuring Fluentbit on VMware Cloud PKS for…

A great article describing how to send log from Kubernetes Clusters to a centralized system (here Elasticsearch) on AWS. Monitoring is a key part when we are talking K8s for many reasons that are quite obvious but sometimes forgotten. I will never repeat enough this. Monitoring if the key for happy systems, happy administrators and … Read more

why so long?

You might wonder why there are so many years since my last article. Life is something surprising and can take you a lot, I mean really a lot of time 😉 anyway, now I’m back into business with a lot of new articles in me pockets. I even became a vExpert 2019 vRealize (Automation, Log … Read more