Cloning Datacenters between 2 vCenters with PowerCli, including permissions and many more

[et_pb_section admin_label=”section”] [et_pb_row admin_label=”row”] [et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”]Usually when updating your vCenter infrastructure you perform upgrade in place. But you can also opting for a migration from your actual vCenter to a freshly installed one. One “good” reason for going to migration is changing the type of underling Database used by vCenter. I had to “get … Read more

Adding/Removing Virtual Machines’ PortGroups for Standard Switch at cluster level with PowerCLI

Starting with vSphere 4, a nice network enhancement has been brought: Virtual Distributed Switchs (vDS) Except for the specifics features bound to the vDS, it is nice to set only one time a new VMs’ PortGroup for an entire group of hosts. Of course you have pro and cons between vDS and Standard Switchs. For … Read more

vmware KB 2014323 PowerCLI to set qla2xxx option at cluster level

I’ve been facing very recently a naughty issue when I updated my vSphere 4.1u2 FCoE hosts to vSphere 5.0u1. Right after the migration to vSphere 5, majors’ performance issues appeared with the underling storage. I was facing read/write latencies of several thousand milliseconds which lead to dead path detection and of course I/O problem within … Read more

Update vSphere through VMware Update Manager with PowerCLI

I’m always amazed of what you can do with PowerCLI. Actually I’m having version 4.1 of vCenter/vSphere I’m using complete PowerCLI script to configure freshly installed vSphere. I was configuring everything but the last patches. VMware released for some times already a VMware Update Manager PowerCLI. It needs to be installed in addition of the … Read more

StorageVmotion an entire datastore with PowerCLI

Storage vMotion is one of the most astonishing features that VMware brought to the universe of virtualization. I’m certain that storage Admins will admit the migrating Data from on storage array to another can be quite complicated. On physical host it is almost impossible to do such migration without any downtime. Well, Storage vMotion accomplish … Read more