vmware KB 2014323 PowerCLI to set qla2xxx option at cluster level

I’ve been facing very recently a naughty issue when I updated my vSphere 4.1u2 FCoE hosts to vSphere 5.0u1. Right after the migration to vSphere 5, majors’ performance issues appeared with the underling storage. I was facing read/write latencies of several thousand milliseconds which lead to dead path detection and of course I/O problem within … Read more

Fibre Channel Security

Honestly, I’m in the SAN for several years and I must admit that I’ve never taken into serious consideration the Fibre Channel Security. I would say that I wrongly thought that it is secured by designed. with VSANs, WWN zonnings, not having every physical ports up on switches, etc… I recently found some papers quite … Read more