Fibre Channel Security

Honestly, I’m in the SAN for several years and I must admit that I’ve never taken into serious consideration the Fibre Channel Security.

I would say that I wrongly thought that it is secured by designed. with VSANs, WWN zonnings, not having every physical ports up on switches, etc…

I recently found some papers quite interresting and not that recent pointing out the risks on FC SANs and giving some “best practices” to securing it.

the first one is a chapter extracted from the following book “Securing Storage” ISBN 0321349954

the chapter, called “SAN: Fibre Channel Security” is only 30 pages long and expose the FC SAN security risks.

another one which comes from an organisation I wasn’t aware of their publications is “securing Fibre Channel Storage Area Network” from the … NSA

this one is an easy one. more like a “best practice” of 4 pages. short but interresting.

good reading.

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