Interfaces/Uplinks for ESXi/Edge – Part 3

In these three parts, I will speak about the configuration of the interfaces and uplinks respectively for physical ESXi and Edge VM.

Since NSX-T 2.3 version, Edges can have up to 4 interfaces eth0, fp-eth0, fp-eth1 and fp-eth2. These fp interfaces are assigned to the DPDK fastpath (data plane development kit).

  • Eth0 is used for the Management.
  • fp-eth0 is commonly used in both T1 and T0 Edges for the Overlay network.
  • fp-eth1 and fp-eth2 are commonly used in T0 Edges to provide the North-South Uplink (physical world).

Note: It’s possible to enbale only the fp-eth1 (explain in this topic) however it’s a best practice to configure both fp-eth1 and fp-eth2 for redundancy of the Edge T0 (explain in this topic) -> two different VLANs are required though.
If some fp-eth interfaces are not used it’s recommended to disconnect these interfaces.

Work in progress 🙂

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